Move with purpose

Move with Purpose is our nonprofit organization founded in Grand Rapids, MI. It aims to teach young people the benefits of exercise and be proud of their individuality.

Our goal at Motive Training is to make fitness more accessible to everyone, especially those that feel unseen, different, or unsure of themselves.

And although many adults fall into this category, young adults and children experience these feelings at a higher rate. So we wanted to create a program using exercise and physical fitness to make kids feel welcome, confident, and proud of who they are.

our mission

By donating to Move With Purpose, you fund programs that focus on getting the youth active and teach them to love themselves and their bodies the way they are.

These programs include:

  • KINSTRETCH classes at high schools for 7-12th graders. 
  • Participating in other nonprofit missions that get kids moving and active.
  • Supporting sports teams and organizations with their athletic development. 

Motive Training also donates 5% of its profits supporting this mission.


founder // owner of Motive Training

Brian murray

Movement is life, but we rarely discuss it, encourage it, or do it. Yet, the health of our society and generations to come depends on moving. We hope to make a dent in how we fundamentally approach movement and fitness to bring about a better future for everyone.


Every donation counts

Every little bit helps, and we appreciate every donation no matter the amount!

We take your faith in us seriously, and understand how important this mission is for the children and young adults of Grand Rapids and beyond.

Thank you for believing in this work as much as we do!

Mon – Sat: 5AM – 8PM
            Sun: 5AM – 12PM
435 LA Grave Ave SE #104
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Motive Training is a personal training organization that will teach you how to move with purpose, ensuring you have a well-rounded, functional body.

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435 La Grave Ave SE #104
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