Moving, especially pain-free, leads to healthier, happier, more inspired people. So keeping your team healthy through a workplace wellness program should be your number one priority.

Motive Training helps companies Move With Purpose through our curated workplace wellness program. We custom-build each program to fit the unique needs of each company, ensuring the program satisfies the scheduling, activity, and fitness goals of each participant, both virtually and in-person.

move better.




KINSTRETCH is one of the most thorough mobility classes on the planet. We will teach your team how to move their bodies correctly, from their head to their toes.

This group class offering can be performed in person or virtually. Classes last 60-90 minutes and can be customized to your liking (e.g., working on the neck and spine to improve ergonomics).


Personal Training

All team members can access our personal trainers and facilities at exclusive discounted rates if they need hands-on, focused training between group classes.

We're here to ensure your team has everything they need to succeed.



We can fully assess your team so they have a better understanding of where their pain points are.

Do they have an achy neck or lower back from sitting at a computer all day? Let's dig deeper and figure out a way to fix those issues once and for all.


Curated Newsletters

We're movement and mobility enthusiasts. Let us connect with your team to teach them the importance of keeping a healthy body and lifestyle.

We'll send out custom movement newsletters directly to your company to keep them hooked on fitness for life.

Never Heard Of KINSTRETCH?

KINSTRETCH is a group class that mobilizes bodies and strengthens joints. Whether your team is starting their fitness journey for the first time or is already leading an active lifestyle, KINSTRETCH teaches everyone how to Move With Purpose to lead a stronger, healthier, and more resilient lifestyle.

Once you take your first class, you’ll never look back. 

are you ready to

Move with purpose?

1. reach out

Schedule a call or email us to get started on a plan for your team.

2. Host A Class

Host a free trial class at your facility to gauge the interest of your team.

3. Program Design

We'll partner to curate a fitness program and schedule that works best.