About Motive Training

Motive Training is a personal training organization that will teach you how to move with purpose, ensuring you have a well-rounded, functional body.

Say goodbye to cookie-cutter programs, hands-off coaching, and inattentive training.

Say hello to a refreshing, 100% customized approach to personal training.

Motive Training's Mission

There isn't a fitness industry standard for personal trainers, so in 2018, Brian Murray founded Motive Training to change that.

Credibility, competency, and results mean everything to us. So, it's our mission to elevate your experience and deliver a fully customized, science-backed, low-pressure personal training program that gets results.

You won't find another gym that works as hard to deliver what you want and need. Guaranteed.

So, if you're looking for a personal trainer in Grand Rapids or a personal trainer in South Austin, reach out today.

Motive Training Weights
Functional Range Conditioning

What makes motive training different?

Motive Training uses the best movement and assessment practices known to personal trainers in the fitness industry: Functional Range Conditioning (FRC).

FRC is a world-recognized system that will help you build muscle, improve joint mobility, and look and feel healthier than ever. Our entire staff has more than one FRC-based certification, from performing assessments to movement coaching.

We give you all the tools and coaching you need to improve how to move for good.

That's why we say we're the premier personal trainers in Grand Rapids and the best personal trainers in South Austin.

What we do

When you step into Motive Training, prepare to fine-tune the basics first. Then, we'll dig deep with you to elevate your fitness and health in ways you didn't know were possible.

We focus on exercises that improve painful joints, build a resilient body, and make you feel better than you ever have before. Our trainers can help you with:

  • Mobility (joint control)
  • Pain Mitigation (removing aches vs. working around them.
  • Muscle & Strength Gain (improving power, strength, lean muscle, and connective tissue)
  • Weight Loss (say goodbye to belly fat, and say hello to a new body)

Our mission is to get you to move with purpose in whatever way that means to you while still addressing our core philosophy around movement.

Personal Training Done Right

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Grand Rapids

435 LA Grave Ave SE #104, Grand Rapids, MI 49503


714 Shelby Ln Suite E, Austin, TX 78745

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Motive Makes the difference

Being personal trainers and coaches is a side job for some, but this is our lives. We wake up daily with the mission to impact as many lives as possible with a completely customized, high-level coaching program.

Don't waste another moment with coaches or trainers that don't take you or your goals seriously.

Contact us instead. We do personal training right.

  • Address:

    435 LA Grave Ave SE #104, Grand Rapids, MI 49503

  • Address:

    714 Shelby Ln Suite E, Austin, TX 78745

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