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Grand Rapids, Michigan
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Our Mission

We started Move with Purpose, a nonprofit organization that aims to teach Grand Rapids youth to move and understand their bodies better. Our goal as movement coaches with Motive Training is to make fitness more accessible, especially for those that felt like they were broken, different, or if they disliked the idea of moving at all.

Our Reality

  • Our health has been declining for years, despite our education efforts and technological advances in medicine. Almost every demographic in the USA is suffering from obesity and obesity-related conditions.
  • People are sedentary more than ever, and there is less emphasis on getting people moving in every part of the country. Unsurprisingly, our youth are moving less, too, and we’re letting it happen.
  • Physical education (PE) is on the decline nationwide, but especially here in Michigan. Physical activity requirements in schools from K-12 are vague, and 90% or more of schools in Michigan do not have daily mandated PE.

We don’t fault teachers and staff for this. They have limited resources and support. But we believe something needs to change, and who better than us to help change it?

Get Involved

Your donations will go directly toward our initiatives to improve how our youth move, which includes:

  • Doing KINSTRETCH classes at high schools for 7-12th grade. 
  • Participating in other nonprofit missions to get kids moving.
  • Supporting sports teams and organizations with their athletic development. 

Motive Training will also donate 5% of its profits to support this mission.

Support Our Work

Every little bit helps, and we appreciate every donation no matter the amount. We take your faith in us seriously, and we know how important this mission is for the young people of our city. Thank you for believing in this work as much as we do!


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