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Why Barefoot Is The Way

Feet: The Taboo Body Part. At around ten years old, I went to a podiatrist (foot doctor) for ankle pain. I remember walking in a

Warm-Ups: Make Them Broadly-Specific

Warm-ups aren’t a contentious topic in the fitness industry, but most coaches I know approach warm-ups in various ways. If you take ten coaches and

Re-Examining Your Cool-Down Routine

You just finished a killer full-body workout, and you’re exhausted. What do you do next?  Most people would say, “Cool down.” The goal is pretty

Case Study: Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

Thoracic outlet syndrome (TOS) is a blanket term used to describe compression of the first rib and collarbone, resulting in nerve pain, discomfort, numbness in

Brian’s Journey

SPRING 2006, NEW JERSEY. It’s a few weeks until high school graduation. I’m lumbering through hallways lit by fluorescents, filled with all the regulars we