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Our client results speak for themselves.

Whether you want to lose weight, build muscle, prevent injury, or simply recover, our trainers work with you to get the results you want.


Joseph had Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (compression of the first rib and collarbone), and eventually underwent surgery to fix it. Unfortunately, the surgery was only somewhat successful, leaving him with residual neck and shoulder tightness. You can see this in his before picture (notice how he has to bend his elbow to get his shoulder into flexion).

Before coming to Motive, Joseph couldn’t find any exercises or stretches that alleviated the tightness. But, over a few months, we showed him plenty of ways to regain his shoulder mobility using Functional Range Conditioning (FRC).

What you see is a big change in his ability to use his shoulder. A few degrees of good shoulder flexion makes all the difference–just ask Joseph.


When Kira stepped foot into the Motive Training gym, she could barely use her right arm.

Because of this, Kira’s neck and spine compensated a lot, causing pain and discomfort. We see this a lot from someone who lacks overhead shoulder mobility.

In the picture on the right, taken five months after her first session, you can see a drastic difference in Kira’s ability to move her shoulder.

Kira experienced not only an incredible jump in range of motion, but a reduction in neck pain, a decrease in neck stiffness, and an eradication of all elbow pain.

You can read more about Kira’s case study here.


Logan came to us in pretty rough shape. He didn’t like the way he looked, and his body was achy and hurting more than it ever had. 

Logan signed up at Motive Training and the rest is history. Here is what he had to say, 

“Motive Training is the place to be if you’re looking to improve yourself and surpass your goals. The owner, Brian Murray, is one of the best trainers out there. I’ve been to other trainers before and felt more like just another number, whereas Brian has an incredible personal touch. Workouts are tailored to your own goals and you are given the resources you need to succeed.

Motive Training just moved into a brand new location in downtown Grand Rapids and the gym is loaded with high quality equipment. Brian has worked hard to build a team of highly skilled trainers that provide the same personal touch as himself. You will be in good hands with any of the trainers here.

Whether you’ve never stepped in a gym or are trying to take your workout to the next level, Motive Training is where you need to be.”

We couldn’t agree more!


Danielle came to us feeling a bit defeated with her current workout regimen. She had tried things for years, but nothing ever stuck. She worked out at Crossfit, Orange Theory, Fit Body Bootcamp, Planet Fitness—you know the drill.

Unfortunately, it’s common for generic programs to not work for the masses, which is precisely why a place like Motive Training exists.

We took a more careful, nuanced approach to her fitness routine and stuck to things we know work. We cut out the excess and added intent to her programming. And we made a few tweaks to her nutrition, too.

What you see is a 6-month difference in Danielle’s physique, fitness, health, and happiness. She kicked butt and never looked back.



We refer to people who struggle to put on weight as hard-gainers. Even though these folks make up a smaller percentage of the exercise population, their struggles are real; this is why putting on just a few pounds of muscle over a few years is a huge accomplishment.

In the case of Brent, he gained more than 8 pounds of lean mass in 7 months, and that came with a reduction in body fat along the way, which is even more impressive. He looks visibly leaner and more muscular, feels stronger, and is more confident with his body than ever before. We couldn’t be happier or more proud of him.

“I was looking for someone to help hold me accountable, but what I ended up finding was a great group of people who make me look forward to getting in each and every workout. As a result, I’m seeing more progress than I ever have! So if you’re looking for the best personal trainer in the area, look no further than Motive Training!”


Progress is not linear, and it always takes longer than you think it will, but it’s a glorious day when you finally realize you’ve made it.

Here is Haley showcasing a six-pound muscle gain that she worked her butt off to attain over six months. 

As a result, she is stronger, more fit, and above all else, happier with her body than when she came in—that’s the coolest part of it all.


Penny came to us a year after a tragic car accident. She broke over 32 bones, has plates and screws in her ankles and knee, and wasn’t able to walk independently until recently.

Thankfully, with Penny’s unparalleled determination (and with the help of an incredible medical team), Penny can do most things pain-free. However, her shoulder and neck were a significant problem post-accident, and they were one of the primary reasons she came to see us.

We assessed Penny and immediately noticed a mobility issue with the entire left shoulder, and we’ve been working on it for the past three months using Functional Range Conditioning.

This before and after speaks for itself.

Way to go, Penny!


Shannah came to us because her hips were in constant pain from running.

We assessed her hips, found a few internal rotation and extension issues, and then programmed accordingly using CARs and end-range isometrics from Functional Range Conditioning.

Shannah is moving better and is happier and healthier than ever before. Here is what her biggest takeaway was,

“Now that I have been able to consistently workout with zero pain, I’m excited to start putting forth more effort in my nutrition and seeing more progress over time! Being able to work out for this long consistently has been so amazing and encouraging!”

Shannah’s body composition progress came from the hard work she puts in at the gym, but now that she’s moving pain-free, the sky is the limit.


It’s hard to top what Laketa wrote about her experience with Motive, but I want to highlight that no matter what we do as coaches, change occurs from within.

We give you the tools, insight, and guidance to make a difference, but YOU are the one that has to put a majority of the mental, physical, and emotional work in.

We played a role in Laketa’s transformation, but she deserves all the credit. Laketa has lost over 20 pounds so far and isn’t stopping anytime soon. Here’s a snippet of what she had to say, and you can read her full story here.

“When I first joined Motive, I only signed up for three months because I didn’t want to be stuck in a long-term contract if I didn’t see an ROI. I have since extended to a one-year contract because I’ve gotten more from Brian and Motive than I could have imagined.”


HUGE shoutout to Andrew for losing over 80 pounds in the last year. It’s safe to say, his life has permanently changed for the better, and we couldn’t be happier for him.

Here is what Andrew had to say,

“Overall, my experience was great. It was a bit rough starting out since I had never done it before and was therefore bad at everything, but the encouragement and the environment really helped get me past that. I don’t think I would have had anywhere close to as much success if I had gone with one of the snake oil training places. You’ve got a great team. It’s such a good atmosphere, which really makes it easy for me to keep on track.”

We’re a movement-focused gym, but that doesn’t mean we can’t help you change your life. That’s not to say we’re taking credit for Andrew’s freaking incredible transformation; just that if you need help changing, we can be one of the catalysts.


Tight hips. Lower back pain. Out of shape.

Sound familiar? It’s not an uncommon scenario. Just ask Chuck.

He came to Motive Training looking to get back into an exercise routine. But he found out that he needed to stretch, mobilize, and work on consistency above all else.

For the past six months, Chuck has been working hard at Motive. As a result, he learned how to move his body and stretch joints he didn’t know needed stretching. We rebuilt Chuck from the ground floor, working on movement first, then strength.

He’s in the best shape of his life, feeling like a new man. He lost a ton of body fat in the process, too.

Way to go, Chuck!

Penny, again!

Remember Penny? She has an incredible story from earlier about overcoming a tragic car accident.

Well, Penny improved her shoulders, but she drastically improved her knee, too.

Penny has plates and screws in her shin, ankle, and knee, making it hard to move pain-free. However, with careful training and mobility practices, we are able to restore function. Unfortunately, no amount of traditional strength training would make Penny’s knee better. Instead, we used Functional Range Conditioning to get Penny back into fighting shape, and it shows.

Gaining 20 degrees of knee flexion speaks for itself.

Incredible work, Penny! We’re so proud.


Jesus found us on Google and was slightly nervous and apprehensive about our approach. We can’t blame him. Lots of things on the internet are too good to be true.

Not at Motive Training. We’re built different, and we guarantee our results.

But don’t take it from us. Here is a direct quote from our good friend, Jesus.

“It’s been about 11 months since I started with Motive, and the results are clear to me as night and day. RJ has been the best to work with; he is truly a professional who cares genuinely. It’s been an investment in myself of all kinds. But primarily mentally. I’ve never loved myself and my body more, even with all the flaws I believe I have. Thanks, Motive!”

Keep crushing it, Jesus!



Victor came to use with extremely tight shoulders, neck pain, and upper back tightness. As a result, many physical therapists would have diagnosed him with upper-crossed syndrome (UCS). However, when we took Victor through the Functional Range Assessment, we noticed more specific issues with the rotational capacity of his shoulders.

So, we’ve been slowly building back his shoulder’s rotation (i.e., internal and external rotation), and it’s doing wonders in all planes of movement. Here you can see Victor’s shoulder flexion progress after only three weeks.

Once you restore a joint’s rotational strength and capacity, amazing things can happen.

Keep up the fantastic work, Victor!

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Another incredible transformation coming from Alexis. Here’s what she had to say about her journey thus far:

“I’ve been working with Motive since January. My goals for joining the gym have been weight loss, confidence, and strengthening my core for some minor low back pain. I noticed so much improvement in my body and energy level within just a few weeks.

Liz is truly the best motivator and has helped me so much with gaining confidence! Very happy with my progress and would recommend Motive training to anyone!”

Keep crushing it, Alexis!

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