Case Study: Consistency Is Key

June 5, 2023 | Client Spotlight

Case Study: Consistency Is Key

Exercise, like any habit, is a game of consistency. Today, I will show you exactly why consistency is key for your progress.

Meet Matthew. He came to us looking to get back into strength training and recommit to his healthier lifestyle. In the past, he spent time exercising with friends and found he genuinely enjoyed lifting. Unfortunately, life and all the things that come with it drew him away from strength training for some years. When he decided to commit to training and getting healthier, he wanted the support and guidance of a professional rather than attempting to leave it up to trying to meet up with a friend. He wanted a space where the professional (that’s us) would meet him where he’s at. And that’s precisely what I did.

Laying The Foundation

Before Matthew hit the weights, I spent over ninety minutes reviewing his health history, movement capabilities, and goals. Our assessment process is thorough because it should be. However, to get to the root cause of any problem, you have to analyze the broader picture first. It’s that initial stage that lays the groundwork for good programming and coaching. Without that, you’re likely to leave results on the table.

So, I took about a month to help Matthew set a better foundation. I discussed the importance of nutrition, quality sleep hygiene, and, most importantly, balance. You see, Matthew was all in and ready to train seven days a week. While I understand this all-or-nothing approach, it doesn’t work for everyone. So, I taught Matthew how to do more with less. That resonated with him, even though it was contrary to his attempts to maintain a consistent workout routine.

Consistency Automated

For the past six months, Matthew has shown up every single week to train with no exceptions. He’s strong-willed and determined to succeed, and it shows. But we all know that one time of training per week isn’t enough. So, he committed to another three or four days of training on his own at home. I built Matthew a program he wanted to follow, which incentivized him to keep pushing forward. Consistency is a habit, and Matthew does it automatically now.

Along the way, I also focused on Matthew’s diet. Again, I helped him clean up his meals and gave him simple tips to keep his protein high and his calories in check. And yet again, Matthew nailed it with flying colors. Eating doesn’t feel like a chore anymore; he eats simple and tasty foods, and it fits right into his routine. That’s what consistency is all about!

Finding inspiration and motivation in personal connections About halfway through our time together, Matthew shared an older picture of his grandfather with me. Matthew cherishes his grandfather and looks up to him, so he uses that picture as inspiration to keep moving forward. Nowadays, he is thrilled to see himself transforming into a stronger, healthier person, as he saw in his grandfather’s old picture.

Here’s a side-by-side of Matthews’s progress. These were taken six months apart. The coolest part? Matthew is almost the same weight in both pictures!

Matthew's Progress

Setting new goals and looking forward to the future

As a personal trainer, it’s essential to keep clients motivated. I do everything I can to help our clients reach their goals. However, it’s key to take things one step further. Hitting your first goal or milestone is tough, but there’s nothing like achieving your ultimate vision. In Matthew’s case, he’s pretty darn close to where he wanted to be, which makes me happier than ever.

Matthew’s story is an inspiring example of how consistency, dedication, and a balanced approach to training and nutrition can lead to transformative results. As personal trainers, we aim to provide guidance, support, and motivation to help our clients achieve their fitness goals. In Matthew’s case, his unwavering commitment to his healthier lifestyle and willingness to learn from our expertise has been instrumental in his success. I am proud to have played a part in his journey and look forward to witnessing his continued growth and progress.

Matthew is looking forward to more gains, and I know he’ll continue to crush it and set an excellent example of what consistently showing up looks like. Way to go, Matthew!

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