Functional Range Assessment®

The Functional Range Assessment (FRA®) is a diagnostic tool to examine how you move on a joint by joint basis. It allows us to understand how your body works, from your neck down to your toes.

Results Driven Guaranteed

We use the findings from the FRA® to create movement baselines for your unique body; think of this like progress pictures, but for your joints. Then, if you have pain or issues of any kind, we’ll get to the root cause and give you actionable solutions to get you on a path toward success.

You will walk away from the FRA® having made discoveries about your body and how best to make improvements.


How well

can you move?


The Problem

Most of us go through life tolerating things like neck and back pain or a shoulder that doesn't seem to move right.

Unfortunately, people think stiff and achy joints are the norm, so they deal with it and hope it gets better over time.

It rarely does.

Did we just describe you to the T?


The Process

The standard approach to exercise looks at things from a "functional" standpoint: can you squat, do push-ups, or deadlift heavy weight? This approach works for some but leaves most people scratching their heads why things don't feel right.

Here at Motive, we focus on the ALL of the joints found in the body and spend time exploring what each joint can do independently.

From there, we can see how well each joint coordinates with the others to create solid, healthy movement.


The Results

After your Functional Range Assessment, our coaches will customize a training plan that gets results and promotes longevity and a pain-free lifestyle.

Say goodbye to tight hips, lower back pain, and faulty ankles.

Say hello to a new you.

Virtual FRA®

We also offer a virtual option for those who would prefer to go through the assessment process from the comfort of their own home. It’s slightly different from the in-person version, but it’s a solid option if you don’t have an FRA practitioner near you.

Our guarantee is this: you will get the same level of service as you would in person, and you will learn something new about your body that you didn’t know before.

So, don’t miss an opportunity to learn how to move with purpose today.

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Move with purpose?

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