Reaping The Benefits Of A Personal Trainer For A Teenager - Motive Training

December 23, 2023 | Personal Training

Reaping The Benefits Of A Personal Trainer For A Teenager - Motive Training

Are you looking for a personal trainer for your teenager? Well, you’ve come to the right place. In the modern era, the pervasive digital lifestyle has significantly increased sedentary behaviors among teenagers. This issue, combined with poor dietary choices, contributes to a rise in overweight and obesity cases among adolescents worldwide.

Don’t believe us? Just google obesity statistics among adolescents and teenagers and see for yourself. For instance, obesity rates among adolescents and teenagers have nearly doubled since the late 80s and early 90s.

So, how do we combat this? At Motive Training, we believe in the power of fitness education and the role of a personal trainer for a teenager in fostering healthy habits that can last a lifetime. This article sheds light on the undeniable benefits of hiring a professional trainer for your adolescent.

Why Choose a Personal Trainer for Your Teenager

Encouraging your teenager to embrace a physically active lifestyle can be daunting. However, a personal trainer for a teenager can offer a tailored approach that makes fitness fun, engaging, and rewarding. Let’s delve into the reasons why a personal trainer could be the perfect solution to help your teen adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Promoting Physical Fitness and Well-being

Obesity and overweight issues are not just limited to adults. Alarmingly, these health concerns are becoming a global epidemic among children and teens. In fact, it’s estimated that around one in five children worldwide are overweight.

A personal trainer can address these issues head-on, emphasizing the importance of a healthy lifestyle. They can help your teenager understand their body better, including muscle functioning and the necessity of proper nutrition.

Teenagers need better examples of what it means to be healthy, fit, and active. As personal trainers, we can show them how to prioritize healthy habits and better movement practices.

Boosting Motivation and Confidence

Maintaining consistency in a training schedule can be challenging even for adults, and it’s arguably more difficult for teenagers who may initially resist the idea of regular exercise. A personal trainer can serve as the motivating force your teen needs.

At Motive Training, our trainers devise structured plans, track your child’s progress, and conduct regular assessments. Witnessing their own improvements can fuel your teen’s motivation to persist.

Moreover, a personal trainer offers a judgment-free environment. Many teenagers, particularly those struggling with their weight or self-esteem issues, may feel uncomfortable exercising in public places like gyms. A personal trainer eliminates this concern, providing a safe and supportive space for teenagers to focus on their fitness journey without feeling self-conscious.

Cultivating Healthy Habits

One of the most significant benefits of hiring a personal trainer for a teenager lies in habit formation. Regular physical activity and nutritious eating can become a part of your teen’s daily routine with a trainer’s guidance. They can also help discourage unhealthy behaviors like snacking on junk food or leading a sedentary lifestyle. Plus, we can show them the importance of moving all of their joints.

Unlike most personal trainers and coaches, our staff at Motive Training can go above and beyond to show your teenager how to move their entire body. Most kids go to the gym, hit the bench press a few times, and call it a day. And that’s if they go to the gym at all. At Motive Training, we’ll show your teenager how to move everything, like their ankles, wrists, and neck. The result? They’ll reduce incoming pain and dysfunction from sedentary lifestyles and things like “text neck.”

Choosing the Right Personal Trainer

Before hiring a personal trainer, it’s crucial to understand your teenager’s fitness goals. Are they preparing to get back into a sport after a long hiatus? Do they want to run their first 5K? Or are they simply trying to break the monotony of treadmill workouts? Understanding these objectives can guide you in selecting the right trainer.

However, it’s essential to be vigilant for signs that the desire for a personal trainer stems from body image issues or disordered eating. While a personal trainer can help with fitness and weight management, it’s crucial to ensure your teen’s motivations are healthy.

Safety Measures

While the world gradually moves towards a post-pandemic era, it’s still crucial to prioritize safety. Discuss with your teen about appropriate precautions, like choosing an outdoor training location, maintaining physical distance, wearing masks, and practicing good hand hygiene.

Of course, if that’s not a concern, we still want your teenager to be safe physically, too. We use Functional Range Conditioning to implement the best coaching and training practices on the planet. So, your teenager will be in the best hands possible to move and improve safely.

A Trainer for the Whole Family

If your teen might benefit from regular exercise but is hesitant, consider hiring a trainer for the whole family. Motive Training offers group packages suitable for diverse ages and fitness levels. The family that exercises together stays healthy together!


A personal trainer for a teenager can play a pivotal role in promoting physical fitness, boosting motivation, and cultivating healthy habits. At Motive Training, we’re committed to assisting teenagers in achieving their health and fitness goals in a safe, supportive, and fun environment. If you’re considering hiring a personal trainer for your teen, contact us today. Let’s work together to empower your teenager with the tools and knowledge they need to lead a healthier, happier life.

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