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Stretching in Grand Rapids, MI

Meet Liz, an embodiment of dedication and passion in the sphere of exercise science. She’s a certified personal trainer and an expert in mobility and stretching in Grand Rapids. Though unique and inspiring, her journey is centered around a single goal: to help individuals embrace exercise as a part of their lifestyle and relish the process. Let’s explore her fascinating journey and discover how she can transform your fitness regimen.

Background: From East to West Michigan

Liz’s story began on the East side of Michigan, where she grew up. She was an academic and athlete and loved by her peers, but she knew there was more to life than high school. Eventually, Liz took the leap and went to college on the West side of Michigan at Grand Valley State University. The next four years marked a significant chapter in her life, fueling her passion for clinical exercise science.

Pursuing Clinical Exercise Science

Liz spent four years at the university honing her skills and understanding of clinical exercise science. This academic endeavor provided her with a comprehensive understanding of the human body, its movements, and the importance of exercise in maintaining health.

Internship: Learning Holistic Approaches

Liz’s thirst for knowledge led her to intern at i’move in Spring Lake for two summers. This experience exposed her to a more holistic approach to treating joints and movements, a perspective she would carry into her professional life. This is part of what makes Liz so interested in what we do at Motive; the blending of personal training and rehabilitation is right up her alley.

Becoming a Personal Trainer

Inspired by her experiences, Liz decided to become a personal trainer. She earned her certification with the American College of Sports Medicine, marking an important milestone in her career. However, Liz didn’t stop there. She’s also certified in Functional Range Conditioning and holds a mobility certification and the Functional Range Assessment (FRA) certification.

Liz’s Mission: Integrating Exercise and Movement

Liz’s goal is to help individuals embrace exercise and movement as part of their lifestyle. She understands the challenges that come with making such a change, but she also believes in the benefits it brings.

“My mission is to help you integrate exercise and movement into your lifestyle to bring about lasting change, and to make the process enjoyable.”

Liz Wallinga, Lead Trainer at Motive Training Grand Rapids

Stretching Grand Rapids: Liz’s Unique Approach

Liz’s approach to fitness is unique and effective. Her emphasis on stretching has made her a sought-after mobility coach in Grand Rapids. She believes in the power of stretching and mobility exercises to improve overall physical health and performance. She offers personalized stretching routines tailored to each individual’s needs and fitness goals.

Advancing Mobility

Liz also focuses on advancing her clients’ mobility. She employs a variety of exercises and techniques to improve joint flexibility, muscle strength, and overall movement quality. You’ll find her in Motive Training Grand Rapids employing all sorts of stretching and training strategies. For instance, Liz is a master at improving hip and shoulder mobility.

Working with Liz: A Journey to Better Health

Working with Liz is more than just a training session. It’s a journey towards better health, improved mobility, and a deeper understanding of your body. With Liz, you can expect:

  1. Personalized Exercise Programs
  2. Hands-On Stretching & Coaching
  3. Mobility Enhancement Exercises
  4. Core Strengthening Workouts
  5. Ongoing Support & Motivation

But don’t just take our word for it; see what Liz had to see in our most recent reel on Instagram.

Conclusion: Your Path to Wellness Starts Here

Liz is more than a personal trainer. She is a guide, a motivator, and a partner on your journey to better health. So why wait? Start your journey with Liz today and experience the benefits of stretching Grand Rapids.

Brian Murray, FRSC, FRA
Founder of Motive Training

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