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Personal Training 1 on 1 in South Austin, TX

After working as a personal trainer for a decade, our Founder, Brian Murray, opened Motive Training in 2019.

Motive Training started in Grand Rapids, MI. However, Brian moved south and opened a new location in South Austin, TX.

Our team is ready to change the lives of those in Austin or South Austin near the St. Elmo neighborhood. So, if you need Functional Range Conditioning and a hands-on personal trainer in South Austin, reach out right away.

714 Shelby Ln Suite E, Austin, TX 78745

Move With Purpose In South Austin, TX

Personal 1-on-1 training South Austin, TX

Personal training is the most hands-on coaching experience that money can buy. And yet, other personal trainers are dishing out cookie-cutter programs and delivering lackluster coaching experiences everywhere you look.

At Motive Training ATX, everything we do is completely customized to you, from your exercise programming to the coaching you’ll receive in the gym.

Say goodbye to painful, achy joints. Forget templated programs and exercises that don’t get results.

Say hello to pain-free movement and guaranteed progress. You won’t find another personal trainer in South Austin like us.

Best Personal Training in South Austin, TX

The Leading personal trainers in South Austin, TX

Being personal trainers and coaches is a side job for some, but this is our lives. We wake up daily with the mission to impact as many lives as possible with a completely customized, high-level coaching program.

Don’t waste another moment with coaches or trainers that don’t take you or your goals seriously.

Contact us instead. We’re the experts, leading the charge toward results that stick.

We do personal training right.

Leading personal training in South Austin, TX

Changing lives is our mission

Over the last three years, we’ve helped hundreds of clients make sustainable changes to their health and fitness. And we wake up every day with the intent to help people move with purpose from the inside out.

You deserve the best treatment and coaching possible and the results you’ve always hoped to see and feel. So please don’t waste another dollar hiring personal trainers and coaches who don’t take this job as seriously as we do. Hire the number one personal trainers in South Austin today.

Plus, our results speak for themselves, and we’d love to add you to that list!

Changing Lives in South Austin, TX

Move with Purpose

Motive Training is a personal training organization that will teach you how to move with purpose, ensuring you have a well-rounded, functional body. Our training sessions are structured to provide personalized benefits, including the number of sessions, duration, and pricing for both individual and group sessions.

Say goodbye to cookie-cutter programs, hands-off coaching, and inattentive training. Say hello to a refreshing, 100% customized approach to personal training.

Fight Pain.

You go through life tolerating things like neck and back pain or a shoulder that doesn’t seem to move right. Unfortunately, people think stiff and achy joints are the norm, so they deal with them and hope they get better over time.

It rarely does.

At Motive Training in South Austin, TX, we’ll show you how to fix pain once and for all. Our training program also focuses on weight loss through exercise, proper nutrition, and various aspects of physical fitness, such as toning, strengthening, endurance, and cardiovascular health. You won’t have to work around achy joints any longer. We’ll show you a better way.

Fight Pain

Gain Strength.

The standard approach to exercise considers things from a “functional” standpoint: Can you squat, do push-ups, or deadlift heavy weights? This approach works for some but leaves most people scratching their heads: Why don’t these things feel right?

Varied workouts are crucial in achieving strength and fitness goals, as they help improve overall health, strength, and endurance.

Here at Motive, we focus on ALL of the joints in the body and explore what each joint can do independently.

From there, we can see how well each joint coordinates with the others to create solid, healthy movement. You’ll be stronger than you ever thought possible.

Gain Strength

Get Results.

We dedicate our lives to personal training to ensure you achieve results.

We’ll do everything in our power to show you how to move better, feel better, and live a healthier, pain-free life.

That’s our guarantee to you. So, don’t look for another personal trainer in Grand Rapids; reach out to us today instead!

Get Results

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Motive Training FRC

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Commit Today And Never Look Back

The truth is that most people spin their wheels far longer than they should. We understand. Your life is busy, you have prior commitments, and change may seem impossible. But we believe in your potential for change. Even if you don’t know where to start, we’re here to guide you.

Just remember: being personal trainers and coaches is not just a side job for us, it’s our life’s mission. We wake up every day with the sole purpose of impacting as many lives as possible with a completely customized, high-level coaching program. We are dedicated to helping you stay committed to your health and fitness journey, no matter what it takes.

Why waste another moment on programs that aren’t designed for you or personal trainers who don’t take your goals seriously? It’s time to make a change.

Contact us instead. We do personal training right.

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