Rhys Holec

Rhys Holec, FRCMS, TRS-C

Personal Trainer
Austin, TX

Rhys was born and raised in the Chicago-land area and has been actively engaged in training and athletics throughout his life.

By 2023, Rhys had solidified his expertise with a range of certifications, including personal training, Functional Range Conditioning (FRC), The Ready State - Coach (TRS-C), and Human Movement Specialist (HMS-C). These certifications, focused on mobility training for athletes and weekend warriors alike, are a testament to his commitment to injury prevention and performance enhancement.

Complimentary to Rhys’ skills as a trainer, in 2016, Rhys pursued a career as a licensed massage therapist, specifically focusing on sports rehabilitation. Adopting a deep tissue, clinical approach, he aims to alleviate his athletes and clients from unwanted physical pain.

Going beyond physical training and rehabilitation, Rhys is a certified Somatic Breathwork Practitioner and Sound Healer. These powerful modalities, when harnessed by Rhys, can lead to profound shifts in holistic well-being, offering clients a path to deeper stress relief, nervous system regulation, and internal healing. This transformative potential is what inspires Rhys in his work.

Additionally, Rhys is a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, a certification that enables him to guide clients through releasing trauma and stress from the body, thereby improving their overall physical and emotional health. Chronic stress doesn’t stand a chance.

By combining his diverse skill set, Rhys offers a comprehensive approach to health and wellness. This approach integrates physical training with somatic practices and tools for nervous system regulation, providing a solid foundation of support for his clients in achieving their fitness and well-being goals.

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