New: Motive Training Exercise Library

September 23, 2023 | Fitness

New: Motive Training Exercise Library

In the realm of personal training and fitness, Motive Training is making waves with its innovative approach. Our mission is to teach individuals how to move with intent, crafting a well-rounded and functional body. With the exciting launch of our new exercise library, we want to revolutionize how you receive and learn fitness.

A Paradigm Shift in Personal Training

Motive Training was born in 2018, thanks to the vision of founder Brian Murray. Recognizing the lack of industry standards for personal trainers, Brian sought to create a fitness organization prioritizing credibility, competency, and tangible results.

His vision has materialized in Motive Training, a unique initiative combining the benefits of personal training with the convenience of a comprehensive online exercise library.

Brian Murray is teaching Michelle how to do neck CARs (controlled articular rotations)

Brian Murray is teaching Michelle how to do neck CARs (controlled articular rotations).

The Principles Guiding Motive Training

Motive Training operates under five tenets that define its approach to fitness:

  • Move with purpose: Every movement should have a reason behind it, reinforcing the goal of creating a functional and resilient body.
  • Do more with less: Efficient and effective exercises are preferred over complicated, time-consuming routines.
  • No pain = More gain: A pain-free body is a healthy body, and Motive Training prioritizes exercises that improve joint health.
  • Leave better than you came: Each training session should leave you feeling healthier, stronger, and more capable.
  • Always be a student: Continuous learning and adaptation are crucial in the ever-evolving fitness world.

What Sets Motive Training Apart?

Motive Training stands out from the crowd because it utilizes the best movement and assessment practices, specifically, Functional Range Conditioning (FRC), a globally recognized system that enhances muscle development, joint mobility, and overall health.

Not only does Motive Training adopt FRC practices, but their entire team is certified in various aspects of FRC, from assessments to movement coaching.

The Motive Training Exercise Library: A Game Changer

The upcoming Motive Training exercise library is something we’re really excited about. It opens up a trove of exercises and movements that clients can incorporate into their routines, whether they’re training in-person or online. This library offers various exercises designed to improve mobility, mitigate injuries, aid in weight loss, and build muscle.

Here are a few sneak peeks at the new videos.

Barbell Split Squat
Hollow Body Hold

The Motive Training Experience

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned fitness enthusiast, Motive Training is equipped to cater to your needs. From conducting thorough physical evaluations to setting achievable goals, the Motive Training team ensures you have a personalized roadmap to fitness.

The Motive Training Locations

Motive Training operates in two locations: Grand Rapids, MI, and Austin, TX. Both locations offer the same high-quality, personalized training experience, with monthly starting packages ranging from $300-$400.

Online Coaching: An Effective Alternative

While personal training is the gold standard, Motive Training understands the need for flexibility. Thus, they offer online coaching for those who prefer a more independent training path or can’t physically attend sessions.

Getting Started with Motive Training

Starting with Motive Training is as simple as scheduling a call with the team. Once they understand your goals, you’ll undergo a Motive Mobility Screen to tailor an effective fitness program. From there, you’ll embark on your fitness journey, armed with personal training, at-home programming, and tangible goal-setting strategies.

Conclusion: The Difference Motive Makes

Motive Training isn’t just a gym—it’s a lifestyle. With a dedicated team, a results-driven approach, and a brand new exercise library at your disposal, you’re not just gaining a fitness routine; you’re investing in a healthier, stronger version of yourself. So, don’t wait another day—schedule a call today and start your journey with Motive Training.

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