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Moving Better will change your life.

Motive Training utilizes Functional Range Conditioning (FRC), one of the leading training systems in personalized movement coaching, to improve and make significant changes to your body.

Our clients become stronger, more resilient, and healthier because we provide all the tools they need to see and feel change. And we do it in a way that’s completely customized to them.

This is the power of good personal training.

Experts in person and online.

We want to spend as much time with our clients as possible, but that’s not always feasible with personal training. With online coaching, we’re available every step of the way to ensure you crush your goals.

In-person training is a serious endeavor, and our teams in Austin and Grand Rapids are worth every penny. However, we made sure that our online coaching is priced so that almost anyone can afford to commit.

Online coaching is a great place to start working with our trainers and learn our training methods, all from the comfort of your home!

Our goal is to understand you as an individual to address your unique needs; this way, you get the most out of your personal training program.

And the only way to know you better is to assess you better.

That is why we use the Functional Range Assessment (FRA®) to examine your body on a joint-by-joint basis. It gives us everything we need to fully customize your training plan to get the best results possible.


take your first class. never look back.

KINSTRETCH is a group class that will help you mobilize and strengthen your joints, but the best part about KINSTRETCH is that it’s 100% customizable to YOU.

You will walk away from every KINSTRETCH class feeling stronger, more resilient, and more mobile than you ever thought possible.

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