Personal Trainer Testimonials: Real-Life Success Stories From Motive Training

June 12, 2023 | Client Spotlight

Personal Trainer Testimonials: Real-Life Success Stories From Motive Training

Are you looking for a personal trainer who can help you achieve your fitness goals? Look no further than Motive Training. We pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality personal training services, and we have the testimonials to prove it.

Our clients have experienced incredible results. Our transformations are top-notch thanks to our dedicated, experienced trainers. Don’t forget our customized, science-backed approach to fitness, too. In this article, we’ll share some of our favorite client testimonials, highlighting the incredible personal training results our clients have achieved.

The Motive Training Difference

Before we dive into the testimonials, let’s take a moment to explore what sets Motive Training apart. Our team comprises certified, passionate, and highly experienced professionals. We create 100% tailored workout plans based on a comprehensive joint-by-joint analysis (the FRA); this way, we know where to truly start on your fitness plan.

Our evidence-based approach means that we rely on proven, science-backed training methods to help you achieve the best results possible. We offer both in-person training and online coaching, giving you the flexibility to train in the way that works best for you. With a friendly, low-pressure environment, Motive Training offers a unique and effective personal training experience.

Personal Trainer Testimonial #1: Calisthenics Goals

Meet Jeff, a pediatric researcher and martial artist. He came to Motive Training to improve his mobility and reduce pain. He started working with me (Brian Murray) early on in 2023, and he’s seen incredible results. Here is what Jeff had to say about his experience.

I recently signed up with Motive Training and started working with Brian Murray, and my experience has been outstanding. My initial goals ranged from reducing pain from training to supporting my calisthenic goals. Right off the bat, Brian worked with me to understand these goals and the limitations I had been experiencing so he could personalize my workout plan.

He doesn’t just set it and forget it, either. After my solo workouts, I sometimes message Brian with questions, and he will either provide clarification or suggest changes to the plan to accommodate my concerns and encourage further development. He uses my feedback and my stats to create a new plan every few weeks, so I don’t get physically and mentally fatigued from the workout. Needless to say, Brian helped me accomplish those initial goals and empowered me to go beyond them.

One of the things that keeps me coming back is how much I keep learning from Brian. He is incredibly knowledgeable and experienced. He’s also able to convey that information concisely, translating to immediate changes in how I move and function. As a dancer and a martial artist, I have found my practices improved by the wisdom I’ve gained from working with him, even though we don’t train those things specifically. Through some of the exercises he’s coached me through, I’ve internalized methods to understand my body’s strength and range of motion. As a result, I’ve begun to train myself out of bad habits during the various movement arts I take on.

In the rare instances that I have a question that Brian can’t answer, he has no problem admitting so and either does more research to come up with an answer later or works with me to find someone who can. I have felt heard, seen, and supported throughout my fitness journey so far, and I’m excited to see how I continue growing with Brian’s coaching.

Jeff T.

Personal Trainer Testimonial #2: Pain Relief and Improved Soccer Performance

Another new client, Fernando, plays competitive soccer. He was looking for ways to improve his game and reduce pain. As you can read below, Fernando appreciated the customized sessions and my understanding of his needs. Here’s what Fernando had to say,

I play soccer 3-5 times a week and was dealing with terrible pain in my ankle, knee, hips, and lower back. Needless to say, I was struggling in the mobility and flexibility department. I started working with Brian and the Motive Training team in March earlier this year. It is now June, and I have made significant progress not only with the pain but my performance has improved as well! Brian customizes my sessions and understands what my specific needs are. If you are considering one-on-one coaching, I recommend scheduling a call with them at least to see if it is a good fit!

Fernando A.

Personal Trainer Testimonial #3: A Holistic Approach

A third client, Thomas, struggled with neck, shoulder, back, and hip pain. He found relief and success at Motive Training Grand Rapids with Marie. Thomas loves Motive’s focus on movement, flexibility, and overall health rather than just weight loss and muscle gain. Here is what Thomas had to say about his experience,

I have been training at Motive since September, and the experience has been phenomenal! I have neck, shoulder, back, and hip pain, so the “typical” personal trainer wasn’t going to cut it. My brother, a chiropractor, recommended Motive based on their focus on movement, flexibility, and overall health, not just losing weight and gaining muscle. I have lost weight and gained muscle, BUT most importantly, my neck, shoulders, back, and hips are mostly pain-free. I can work, live, and keep up with my four-year-old daughter significantly better than before training.

Marie has been fantastic! I originally signed on for three months of training to alleviate my pain and get in shape for ski season. I figured I would learn some good workouts, and then when the three months were completed, I would join a gym and apply what I learned at Motive. No way! I’m in seven months and still going strong. Every training session, Marie asks how I’m feeling, what’s sore, what hurts, and what my goals are, and she develops/adjusts my training regimen specific to my needs that day. If I’m having pain or am tight, we stretch more. If I let her know I want to look good for a beach vacation, she caters my workout to that.

There’s no way I would be getting the results I’m getting if I was trying to wing it on my own and guessing at what will get me results. I hate, hate, hate working out, but I know I have to do it, and if I have to do it, Marie and Motive are the only people I trust with my overall anatomical and physiological health.

Thomas P.

Experience the Motive Training Difference for Yourself

These testimonials offer just a glimpse of the incredible personal training results our clients have achieved through their work with Motive Training. We’re hands-on, dedicated, and willing to do whatever it takes to help you move with purpose. So, don’t leave results on the table.

Become one of our personal trainer testimonials.

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